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Fornsken releases ‘Runor Skall Du Finna’

by Thiago Marques
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One-man Nordic folk band Fornsken released its debut album, titled Runor Skall Du Finna (Runes You Shall Find).

The first of three albums inspired by the characteristics of the Nordic Elder Futhark runes, Runor Skall Du Finna features songs based on the 9 first runes of the ancient alphabet:

FEHU represents Livestock. It symbolizes wealth, abundance, success, security, fertility.

URUZ represents a Bull. It symbolizes strength, tenacity, courage, untamed potential, freedom.

THURISAZ represents a Thorn. It symbolizes reaction, defense, conflict, catharsis, regeneration.

ANSUZ represents an Estuary. It symbolizes the mouth, communication, understanding, inspiration.

RAIDO represents a Wagon. It symbolizes travel, rhythm, spontaneity, evolution, decisions.

KAUNA represents a Torch. It symbolizes vision, creativity, inspiration, improvement, vitality.

GEBO represents a Gift. It symbolizes balance, exchange, partnership, generosity, relationships.

WUNJO represents Joy. It symbolizes pleasure, comfort, harmony, prosperity, reward, success.


  • Music, vocals, recording & mix produced by Andreas Axelsson.
  • Background vocals on Ansuz by Linnea Engman.

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