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Wardruna reignites hearts with ‘Hertan’

The Nordic Folk legends return from their song-writing hibernation with a new single

by Thiago Marques
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Hertan (Heart) is the first revealed single from Wardrunas upcoming album with the same title, drawing from their earlier works to create a new musical path for the band. Recorded in three diferent locations during three days of no sleep, the band gifts their fans with a long-awaited new piece.

The video features Finnish actress Karin Pacius playing the role of a wise Crone, while the Norwegian ensemble of Nordic Folk musicians enchant us with old instruments, the evocative singing of Einar Selvik, haunted by Lindy-Fay Hella‘s inimitable chants.

The meaning of Hertan

In this song and video, Wardruna delves into the concept encapsulated by the proto-Scandinavian term “Hertan”, meaning “Heart”. The focus is on unraveling the multifaceted nature of the heart, encompassing both its tangible aspects such as rhythm, flow, and pulse evident in nature and life forms, as well as its abstract role as the metaphorical rudder steering emotions, decisions, and genuine desires.

The tune draws greatly from their first two works Runaljod – gap var Ginnunga and Runaljod – Yggdrasil, but also brings something entirely new to their journey, giving another meaning to Einar Selvik’s motto of “using something old to create something new”.

The eyes and ears behind Hertan music video

Collaborating once again with Finnish director and photographer Tuukka Koski, known for his work on Wardruna’s videos including Raido, Voluspá, and Grá, the production of Hertan unfolded amidst freezing nights in northern Finland, primarily on the island of Hailouto.

  • Directed by Tuukka Koski
  • Produced by Breakfast Helsinki
  • Director of Photography: Hena Blomberg F:S:C
  • Equipment and Studio: Valofirma
  • Post production: Post Control Helsinki
  • Color Grade by Sarrah Wilkman


  • Einar Selvik
  • Lindy-Fay Hella
  • Eilif Gundersen
  • HC Dalgaard
  • Sondre Veland
Wardruna reignites hearts with 'Hertan'


Wardruna – Hertan

Seier ned, seier inn
Seier inn i hold og skinn
Djupt i blod, djupt i sinn
Som ein vind eg forsvinn

Hertō rādiþ
Reidmannē wiljan
Hertō rādiþ
Reidmannē walas

I kimen av alt
Trommer ei takt
Kjennsleskipets ror
Av gull, av stein
Dansar vilt utan bein
Brister utan å brjote

Eg synk…
Ned i mørkret
Det blenkjande kvite
Fell heile mi yte
Berre kimen står att
Heilt forlatt
Utan banda som batt
Som eit frø
Finn eg styrke
I mold og i myrke
Det som kostar, djupt – det lønar, djupt

Hertō rādiþ
Reidmannē wiljan
Hertō rādiþ
Reidmannē walas

Eg kverver med sola
Dansar med månen
Eg smeltar med isen
Symjer oppstaums med fiskaneSom eit tre
Fell eg lauva
Som ein fisk som vender heim
Symjer oppstraums
Frå ljos til livmor

Går i hi med bjørn!

Som ny, eg ris frå mørkret
Det blenkjande kvite


Wardruna – Heart

Says down, says in
Says into flesh and skin
Deep in the blood
Deep in the mind
Like wind, I vanish

The heart councils
The rider of will
The heart councils
The rider of decisions

In the core of everything
Drums a beat
The rudder on the ship of emotions
Of gold, of stone
Dance wildly without feet
Breaks without shattering

I sink…
Into darkness
The gleaming white
My shell is shed
Only my core still stands
All alone
Without all bonds that binds
Like a seed
I find strength
In the mould and in the murk
That which costs you deeply, rewards you deeply

The heart councils
The rider of will
The heart councils
The rider of decisions

I wheel with the sun
And dance with the moon
I melt with the ice
Swim upstream with the fish
Like a tree
I shed leaves
Like the fish returning home
I swim upstream
From light to womb

I hibernate with bears!

All new
I rise from the darkness
The gleaming white

Wardruna reignites hearts with 'Hertan'
Einar Selvik | Wardruna

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