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Eivør & John Lunn play ‘Lívstræðrir’ from ‘The Last Kingdom’

by Thiago Marques
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Faroese singer Eivør and Scottish composer John Lunn recorded a video where they play Lívstræðrir, a beautiful song from Netflix’s The Last Kingdom TV show soundtrack.

The song is featured in one of the most emotionally charged scenes from the series’ second season, when Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon) and the now abbess Hild (Eva Birthistle) are reunited after Uhtred is freed from slavery.



Eivør & John Lunn – Lívstræðrir

Tóri runnu tár á kinn, harðnar Sigmunds sinni:
“Grátum ikki frændi mín, vær goymum væl i minni!”

Spjótið gleið í miðju inn, stál í indrum lendi,
Brestir gjørdi eitt avreksbragd, hann banasár sær kendi.

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Eivør & John Lunn – Threads of Life

Tears rolled down Thor’s cheeks, Sigmundur’s temper becomes hard-hearted:
“Let’s not cry, my friend, we’ll keep him in good memory!”

The spear slid into the waist, the steel landed in his bowels,
Brestir accomplished a heroic feat, he felt the deadly wound.

The original soundtrack for The Last Kingdom TV show was released in vinyl and CD in 2019, featuring 10 tracks composed and performed by the duo.

The Last Kingdom (Original Television Soundtrack)
The Last Kingdom (Original Television Soundtrack) | John Lunn & Eivør | Sony Classical

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