Fiona Rüggeberg | Photo: Wen Versteeg
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Fiona Rüggeberg leaves Faun after 20 years

by Thiago Marques
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Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Fiona Rüggeberg left the German folk and medieval music band Faun after 20 years together.

A founding member of Faun, the artist stated in the group’s Instagram profile that she decided to part from the band in exchange for a life in the countryside, surrounded by nature. She also pointed out the incompatibility of a touring routine around the world and the care and attention that her farm requires.

“Dear friends and fellows, after 20 years on stage a new path has opened for me and it appears too wonderful to not take it, so I simply can´t let this possibility pass -I would surely regret it. I will therefore change my life and spend my future time mostly with and in nature, surrounded by my farm, deer and forest. Because rhythms of nature, sowing and harvesting as well as taking care of animals simply don´t align with an intense tour life this also means to say goodbye to the wondrous times with Faun.”

Fiona Rüggeberg leaves Faun after 20 years
Fiona Rüggeberg | Photo: Wen Versteeg

Versed on various instruments, she studied the arts of ancient Eastern music therapy at the Universities of Istanbul and Munich. In Faun, she lends her voice to several songs, acting more frequently as backing vocalist, in addition to playing instruments such as bagpipes, dombra, rebab, oud, flutes, chalmeux, among others.

Fiona Rüggeberg’s other musical ventures

n 2017 she started a solo project, adopting a more minimalist sound, centered on the piano, an instrument in which she has received classical training. The project yielded the album Fiona, released in 2019 on the Celtic Classic Productions label.

Still in 2019, the musician founded another project with her former band’s colleague Laura Fella and producer Fieke van den Hurk. The group, called Tvinna, is currently in the process of recording their debut album.

Her last live performance with the band will be on July 7 at the Mittelalter Kultur Festival in Weil am Rhein, Germany. It is not yet known what will become of her solo project, nor of her participation in Tvinna after the decision made by Fiona Rüggeberg.

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