Home News Hindarfjäll unveils new single: ‘Tyrs Återkomst’

Hindarfjäll unveils new single: ‘Tyrs Återkomst’

The band celebrates the original Indo-European "Sky Father"

by Thiago Marques
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Swedish Nordic Folk band Hindarfjäll released a lyric video for Tyrs Återkomst (The Return of Tyr), a song from their upcoming third album, Seden.

Tyrs Återkomst is a tribute to the sky god Tyr, revered in ancient Scandinavia. The song delves into four divine aspects of Tyr, emphasizing themes of bravery, justice, order, and balance. With verses in many different Indo-European languages, the song captures the essence of a revered sky father celebrated across different cultures and ages.

Hindarfjäll unveils new single: 'Tyrs Återkomst'
Nils Edström | Hildarfjäll

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