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Kjell Braaten releases new album: ‘Blóta’

The Norwegian singer and multi-instrumentalist is back with a rawer and intimate piece

by Thiago Marques
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Kjell Braaten created Blóta as an album that is more minimalist than its predecessors, while still retaining the artist’s trademark eclecticism.

Described by Kjell as more than an album, but as a ritual (Blot), the musician created an intimate, personalist experience whose aim also works well with the listener.

“It is a ritual to face your darker sides, accept them, and reshape them into a resource rather than a burden.”

The album was released through his own label, Kjell Braaten Music, featuring 8 tracks and a beautiful 20 pages booklet designed by Espen Winther (Eldrim). You can order the CD from the musician’s official web shop.


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The musician has also recently released a music video for Frithr (Peace), a song taken from the new album.


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