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Myrkur releases new album: ‘Folkesange’

by Thiago Marques
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The Nordic folk project by singer and instrumentalist Amalie Bruun, Myrkur, released its third album, titled Folkesange.

This is Myrkur’s first work entirely dedicated to Nordic folk music. There are ten traditional Nordic songs and some original ones with a very special touch from the singer, who left black metal behind in favor of a more organic musicality.

Folkesange was produced by Christopher Juul of Heilung and released under the label Relapse Records. The recording included the use of instruments such as the lyre, mandola and nyckelharpa. Added to Bruun’s beautiful vocals, the result is an impressive retelling of these traditional themes from the Nordic lands.

Jonathan Selzer

“An immersive experience in its own right, but also belonging to a wider, pagan folk-based renaissance that has attracted a devoted following worldwide, ‘Folkesange’ answers a need that has become ever more pressing in turbulent times. A zeroing in on a resonance that is both intrinsic and enduring, it’s a rediscovery of personal grounding, and an experience that reaches beyond culture to remind us of a shared, deeply rooted inheritance. A tuning fork that binds the personal and the universal, ‘Folkesange’ is a reminder that the most transcendent experiences are those closest to home.”


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