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Tuatha de Danann releases video for ‘Turn’

by Thiago Marques
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Legendary Brazilian Celtic folk metal band Tuatha de Danann released the music video for Turn, a single from their latest EP The Tribes of Witching Souls.

The band’s most recent work was released as a CD by the label Heavy Metal Rock in March 2019, the year in which the band celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Turn is one of the nine tracks on the EP that includes, in addition to new compositions, other versions of the band’s greatest hits. The music video shows an artist exasperated by the lack of inspiration while trying to paint. In typical urban attire, she goes looking for inspiration in the true habitat of the human being.


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The life’s been a canvas, blank and white
It’s up to you to
Fill and paint it whith colours you like
No one but you
Should I tryit harder, shouldn’t I? It’s quite annoying
Bringing things out of nowhere, you lie

We have the tools, We’ll fix it now
Turn this dammed world upside down
We have the stones, the bricks and rocks, build new bridges off the walls

Have you ever looked back? Have you tried? I bet you haven’t
Greedy, eager, blind you kept the ride
Ignore the cost
Mournful cries the womb of old mother earth
She is weeping so, she is burning cold
She who once puked gold withers fast and hard

What is it you fight for!? You tell me
I wonder what is happening to all mankind
Dive into your mind – find out what it’s like
Why it walks towards selfishness and lies
Can’t you see – the whole picture?
Can’t you wake up from this insane behaviour
You, wake up open your eyes


  • Bruno Maia (vocals, flute, guitars, mandolin, banjo)
  • Giovani Gomes (bass, vocals)
  • Edgard Britto (keyboards)
Capa do EP The Tribes of Witching Souls | Tuatha de Danann | Heavy Metal Rock, Single do EP da banda de celtic folk metal brasileira

The Tribes of Witching Souls | Tuatha de Danann | Heavy Metal Rock

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