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Wardruna unveils new song: ‘Andvevarljod’

by Thiago Marques
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Wardruna (Nordic Folk) revealed two versions of Andvevarljod (Song of the Spirit-weavers), another song from their upcoming album, Kvitravn.

A central piece of Kvitravn, Andvevarljod explores the lore of the Norns, the Nordic deities of fate; the spinning of life threads, as well as the Norse and Sámi common idea that a person’s spirit is connected to the wind, both before and after birth.

Apart from Einar Selvik‘s and Lindy-Fay Hella‘s powerful vocals, the song features the powerful voices of a small group of prominent Norwegian traditional singers: Kirsten Bråten Berg, Sigrid Berg, Unni Løvlid and Ingebjørg Reinholdt.

Einar shared a few words about the new composition.

“On a personal level, Andvevarljod is a song I hold very dear and it was also my starting point on the new album. Musically, it gives voice to very old song traditions and on top of that it is voiced by some of the most central reasons why these traditions are being kept alive for us and the generations to come. So, special thanks go out to our guest singers for lending us their talents and for the invaluable work they do for keeping our traditions alive!”

Einar Selvik


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Celebrating the Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice, the musician also shared a Skaldic version of Andvervarljod.

Furtherly, last week Einar revealed Knowledge is Ripe for Picking, the third episode of the new series about his worldview, the musical creation process behind for the new album and Wardruna itself.

Wardruna’s fifth studio album, Kvitravn, will be released on January 22, 2021 via the Norwegian label By Norse Music.

Kvitravn | Wardruna | By Norse Music

Kvitravn | Wardruna | By Norse Music


Lyrics – Andvevarljod

Vendum vendum

Or vordehaugen,
drog eg ordi
Leita songar
upp or jordi
Dreiv på vindar,
vakre viser
baud meg vitje,
baud meg sjå,
min eigen tråd,
i Nornespå

Rend er veven
med ørlogstrådar
Ramme rim,
magnar banda
hapt i hugar
Liv og lagnad,
ordi avlar

Såg du din fyrste dag
Drog fyrste andedrag
Der omkring stod nornar ni
Vinda vevja, vind til liv

Låg du der i favn åt mor
Knytta i ei navlesnor
Bytte den med ættarband
Liv og lagnad, i det spann

Møyer steig på ættarhaug
Dansa yver alv og draug
Vinden leiker, i møyer dreg
Vinden som vil fylgje deg

Nornar nie – steig fram
vov og bandt – lagnad

For min unge, eg gåver baud
Så ingen vov med ilske; naud
Ved stokk ved stein ved trolletein
Spinn dei lagnad, utan mein

Nornar nie, høyr meg!
vord min veg, før med
lindrande hender,
i lækjande fotspor

Andar inn,
tankar svinn
Andar ut,
reidsle rinn
Kvart eit drag,
viljen veks
Hjarte sler
Vidt eg ser
Vind i hått
Vind i hugen
I mitt mot
I min vilje
Slepp det fri
Lar det fara
Eg vert heil
Eg er heil

Kom vind i hátt
Kom vind i hug
Vilje som veks
I temjande vers
Kveikjer ein storm
Den kveler sott og sorg
Du vert heil
Du er heil
Eg vert heil
Eg er heil

No hev Nornar
vevd si vise
Songen stillnar
vinden med
Gåver gjevne
til den som lytta
Her eg stende
i heilagt vé
Gamalt minne
lemnar meg

Translation – Song of the Spirit-weavers

Turn turn

From the mound of my kin,
I pulled up the words
Dug the songs
up from the earth
Wondrous tunes
rode the winds
Wardens of fate
bid me visit,
bid me view,
my own thread,
in the web of Norns

The loom is set
with threats of fate
Mighty rhymes,
strengthen bonds
bound into spirits
Life and fortune
bred by their words

As you saw your first day
As you drew your first breath
Gathered around, stood nine Norns
They wound and weaved wind to life

There you laid in your mother’s arms,
bonded by a navel-chord
They switched it with a kind-thread
And into it spun, life and fortune

The maidens went upon the family-mound
Danced over elves and dead
The wind is pulling them playfully
It‘s this wind that shall follow you

Nine Norns – rise up
wove and wound – fate

On behalf of my child, I offer gifts
So none are weaving with ill will
By stick, stone and sorcerous distaff
They spin your fate without ill intent

Nine Norns – hear me
guard my path
and lead with alleviating hands
and in healing footsteps

Breathe in,
thoughts vanish
Breathe out,
release the fear
In every breath,
the will grows
The heart pounds
I see wide and clear
Wind in memory
Wind in mind
In my courage
In my will
Let it free
Let it fly
I become whole/healed
I am whole/healed

Come wind in memory
Come wind in mind
Into the growing will
Into taming rhymes
It kindles a storm,
that strangles illness and sorrow
You become whole/healed
You are whole/healed
I become whole/healed
I am whole/healed

Now, the Norns
have weft their tune
Their song stills,
and with it, the wind
Gifts were given
to those who listened
Here I stand
on holy grounds
and this old memory
is leaving me


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