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Gåte releases new single: ‘Kjærleik’

by Thiago Marques
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The Nordic folk rock veterans from Gåte released a new version of Kjærleik (Love), which will be featured on their upcoming EP, Til Nord.

Originally from their 2004 album, Iselilja, the song now receives its acoustic version. The band shared a few words about the tune.

“Kjærleik is a song that urges those who love each other to act with honour, pride and kindness. It’s about trust and the opportunity to unfold oneself. To regard one another as a gift, but not an asset. If these elements are fulfilled, love can make people flourish. Equally, it is a song that tells how limiting a relationship can be if sustaining elements of love are absent.”


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  • Gunnhild Sundli (vocals)
  • Magnus Børmark (guitar, vocals, percussion)
  • Sveinung Sundli (Hardanger fiddle, violin, pedal organ, vocals, percussion)
  • Lyrics and melody by Knut Buen, arrangement by Gåte

Lyrics – Kjærleik

Eg vil ikkje vera slave!
Kjærleiken er ingen klave
Du bitt ikring ei kvinnesjel
Kjærleik er å vilja vel!

Eg vil ikkje la meg eige.
Du kan ingen hjarto leige.
Eg er’kje noko som du stel.
Kjærleik er å vilja vel!

Elsk meg, elsk meg med det gode,
Det som ligg i manneblodet.
Det er’kje nett når hanen gjel.
Kjærleik er å vilja vel!

Har du nokon hjartekjære,
Elskar du med all di ære.
For elskhug er som bråe e’l
Kjærleik er å vilja vel!

Eg vil livet atterføde.
Liksom jorda bera grøde.
Så elsk meg ikkje beint ihel.
Kjærleik er å vilja vel!

You can also watch more of the band’s acoustic side on the following video shot last year during a live performance at Løkken Verk, Norway.

Featured image credits: Esben Kamstrup


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