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Lůn unveils first EP and new video: ‘Chamanes’

by Thiago Marques

Lůn, the project of singer, violinist and dancer Mayline Gautié released its first EP, Chamanes, as well as a music video for the title-track.

Featuring 5 songs, the EP mixes influences from different genres, such as Pagan folk, world and neoclassical music. It is available in both digipack-CD and digital formats.

Their music is related to Nature, the elements, vital energy and mysticism, all expressed through an invented language (you can check the lyrics for Chamanes below).

For the project, Mayline Gautié (ex-Adagio, ex-Idensity) was joined by cellist Raphaël Verguin (Rïcïnn, Spectrale, Psygnosis).

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Lyrics – Chamanes

“On degui on degui onde
No menti done
Ṩokino banonta
Kabena bǡmen tum
Ṩokino banonta
Kabena bǡmen
Randi dogolök
Ṩokino banonta
Kabena bǡmen tum
Ṩokino banonta
Kabena bǡmen tum
Kabena bǡmen”


Credits for the video

  • Written & Composed: Lůn (Mayline Gautié)
  • Mix & Mastering: Studio Henosis
  • Film Direction: Céline Freixe & Jérémy Laidi
  • Director of Photography: Michaël Rodriguez
  • 1st Assistant Camera: Marc-Antoine Modol
  • Gaffer: Maxine Meyer
  • Styling: Lůn
  • Goddess Headpieces: Fraise au Loup Costumes
  • Shaman Jewelry: Orixa
  • Make-up Artist: Laura Galoyer
  • Baby Special Effects: Cinebebe
  • Casting: Wendy Nieto, Angela Aiello Tourné, Julie Cador, Valentine Falchero, Muriel Guyader, Hélène Lecompte, Marie Menuge, Sophie Vandecappelle, Mayline Gautié


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