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Bruno Maia writes soundtrack for ‘Tales of Shadowland’ MMORPG

Tuatha de Danann's frontman revealed four tracks for the upcoming sandbox game by Uzmi Games

by Thiago Marques
Published: Updated: 0 comment 2 minutes read

Bruno Maia (Tuatha de Dannan, Braia) joined the ever growing team of folk musicians who compose songs for digital RPG games. Now, he reveals four pieces he has written for the upcoming sandbox fantasy MMORPG Tales of Shadowland, showing a more “medievalesque” style than his usual works.

For the songs, the musician was joined by singer and instrumentalist Manu Saggioro as well as singer Leandro Caçoilo.

Tales of Shadowland is about to enter its Alpha test phase. You can check more information about the game on its official website.

You can listen to the four songs released thus far below, as well as watch the teaser trailer for the game itself.


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