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Gåte releases new EP: ‘Til Nord’

by Thiago Marques
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Gåte released a new 5-track EP titled Til Nord, translating tunes from their past into a contemporary Nordic folk soundscape.

In this new release, the Norwegian band revisits some of their own classics, while adding a new track, Hemnarsverdet, as an appetizer for things to come. This time, they delve even deeper into the musical past of Norway, but with a contemporary approach. To this end, they have eschewed keyboards, electric guitars and modern drums for a more acoustic instrumentation and archaic percussion style, which blend in just right with Gunnhild Sundli‘s powerful vocals.

They attribute the shift from folk rock to Nordic folk as a way to explore new possibilities in the musical territory, following the footsteps of their compatriots of Wardruna and from Faroese singer Eivør Pálsdóttir.

Til Nord was released in CD and LP, which you can order from Indie Recordings web shop. You can also stream the EP from various digital platforms.


  • Gunnhild Sundli (vocals)
  • Magnus Børmark (guitar, vocals, percussion)
  • Sveinung Sundli (hardingfele, violin, pedal organ, vocals, percussion)

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