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Heilung releases new Nordic folk album, ‘Futha’

by Thiago Marques
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Futha, the third album by the experimental Nordic folk band Heilung was released on Friday (28).

In contrast to the first album, Ofnir, which the band considers more masculine, Futha was conceived as its female counterpart, with the purpose of bringing balance. The lyrics originate from Icelandic poetry, where sacred women sing spells and offer their blessings. For this reason, Maria Franz‘s beautiful vocals are much more prominent on the new album than on Ofnir.

“The great healing power of sexual magic and female wild strength is evoked in ‘Futha’. Those who have been present at a birth or have seen lionesses hunting, know the spirit.”


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The album was released by the label Season of Mist on double vinyl, CD and digital format.

Where to buy: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK)


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