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Heilung releases music video for ‘Norupo’

by Thiago Marques
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Experimental Nordic folk band Heilung released a majestically beautiful music video for Norupo, a song from their latest album Futha.

Norupo was inspired by the 13th century rune poem known at The Norwegian Rune Poem. It was preserved as a copy in the 17th century, for the original manuscript is now lost. The poem gives a complete description of all sixteen runes of the alphabet known as the younger Futhark.

The music video was shot among the Neolithic standing stones at Les Menhirs de Monteneuf in France.


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In contrast to the first album, Ofnir, which the band considers more masculine, Futha was conceived as its female counterpart, with the purpose of bringing balance. The lyrics originate from Icelandic poetry, where sacred women sing spells and offer their blessings. For this reason, Maria Franz‘s beautiful vocals are much more prominent on the new album than on Ofnir. The album was released by the French label Season of Mist.

Futha | Heilung | Season of Mist

Futha | Heilung | Season of Mist

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