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Hrafngrímr unveils debut album: ‘Niflheims Auga’

The neo-Nordic artistic collective's first opus is available in physical and digital formats

by Thiago Marques
Published: Updated: 2 comments 3 minutes read

French band Hrafngrímr (meaning “the one who wears a crow-shaped mask”) released their first album, titled Niflheims Auga, featuring 9 tracks of Nordic Folk music. The project started by former Skáld member, Mattjö Hussy, put out a well-produced opus as their debut.

With the album, the band created what they call “neo-Nordic” music, which shall appeal to fans of Heilung and Nytt Land. Speaking of the latter, Anatoly Pakhalenko, from the Siberian Folk band, made an appearance in the album, playing the talharpa in the title-track.

The album can be streamed from all major platforms, while the physical CD can be ordered from Season of Mist web shop.

Lineup for the album

  • Mattjö Haussy (vocal, programming)
  • Christine Roche (vocals)
  • Johan Be (backing vocals)
  • Louis Ville (backing vocals, arranger)
  • Mus Arkan Guembri (guitars)
  • Nicolas Derolin (percussions, darbouka)
  • Rurik Arnvaldson (lyre)
  • Vidar Janlúðvíksson (bass nickelharpa, nickelharpa, jouhikko, jawharp)
  • Anatoly Urson Pakhalenko (talharpa)

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