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Wardruna releases new music video: ‘Völuspá’

by Thiago Marques
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Norwegian band Wardruna has just released their newest music video for the song Völuspá, in an acoustic (or scaldic) version that will be present on their next release, Skald.

The song first appeared in the third season of the Vikings TV show soundtrack. In the scene, Einar Selvik himself appears playing the song.

Völuspá is the title of the Poetic Edda‘s first and best-known poem. Like the poem, the lyrics of the song talk about Ragnarök, the “Twilight of the Gods”.

The recording of the music video had the special participation of three real wolves, Tihu, Tahoe and Siida.


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Wardruna recently announced the release of a new album, Skald, to be released on November 23. The album was recorded in the “live in studio” format and will bring scaldic versions (in reference to the medieval scalds of the Nordic countries) of some signature songs by the band, as well as solo material by vocalist Einar Selvik. The album will be released on CD, vinyl and digital formats and can already be pre-ordered at their official store.


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