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Aethelwyne reveals 2nd single: ‘At Dawn’

The Greek folk singer from Münknorr released another song from her solo career

by Thiago Marques
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Aethelwyne is most known for her work with the Uruguayan-Greek Nordic and Shamanic folk project Münknorr. With At Dawn, the artist unveils another facet of her talents by exploring a more melodious tone than what she shows elsewhere.

Besides her involvement with Münknorr, Olga Maragoudaki (her real name) has contributed with other folk musicians, such as Bjorth and Nattramn. In an interview with Tragoe, she said that her stage name means “friend of the elves”, which fits very well into her enchanting, fantasy-inspired solo works.

The musician shared a few words about At Dawn.

At Dawn has a symbolic meaning; it talks about personal struggles and the nasty tricks of mind, which can , however, be overcome if we choose to trust ourselves and face the bare truth. Therefore, the girl holding the sun in the illustration stands for the prolific moment of realization; the moment when light penetrates our mind and darkness is dissolved.”

The song was produced by her Munknörr partner, Damian Schneider. The beautiful single artwork was painted by Joan Llopis Domenech, while the lyric video was created by Chris Androulakaki.


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Lyrics – At Dawn

Dewdrops dance on the ocean waves
The silver moon is mourning
Liquid mysteries it reflects
The night is mine to embrace

Ancient spirits gather and sing
The secrets of silence
The thundering voice of the past
Cracks the sky open

At dawn tender roses bloom
At dawn old lovers withdraw
What lies beneath the wine-dark sea
A truth made of thorns
Soft memories
Lurking deep

Lingering in the violet shades
Captive by the twilight
It’s time to break the chains that hold
Us from our peace of mind

An ancient ritual unfolds
Frozen in time
The circle only repeats itself
Two halves of the same kind

At dawn the lunar tides will rise
At dawn a beacon of hope
Fluid thoughts and fragile bonds
All castles burn to ashes
Ruins and dust
Promises vague

The first single revealed by the singer was Mistborn, a song about “a magical creature- half-elf, half-siren-ever so graceful and intoxicating that everyone succumbs to her. She carries wounds of the past, which, however, manages to leave behind and rise anew.”


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