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Bianca Stücker unveils new album: ‘De Alchemia’

The multi-talented German artist dives deep into the secrets of medieval alchemy

by Thiago Marques
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Bianca Stücker‘s fascination for historical alchemy has led the musician, songwriter, author, dancer and tattoo artist to compose an entire album dedicated to the subject. To this end, she resorted to traditional and medieval instruments such as the hammered dulcimer, cornamuse, nyckelharpa, tagelharpa, among others to translate ancient alchemical texts into songs.

A PhD in musicology, Bianca has been involved in several projects, such as her solo electro project VaNi and the medieval ensemble Violetta.  Though also venturing solo for her folk endeavor, she is frequently joined by her crew from Bruxas Solis: Sarah Braasch (harp, vocals), Theresia Schlipsing (vocals, percussion), Oliver Pietsch (percussion), Ulla Schrader (percussion, vocals) and Verena Kosfeld (flutes, zither, vocals).

The 10 tracks of De Alchemia come with lyrics in German, Latin, French, Spanish, Finnish and English, dealing with the four elements, wisdom, nature and the aspects related to the “Great Work” involved in the quest for the “lapis philosophorum”, the Philosopher Stone.

Musically, the folk instrumentation and the mystical, dance-oriented songs, create a blend that some would call “dark witchy folk”, original, but with familiar influences from the likes of Faun and Dead Can Dance.

De Alchemia is available digitally and on CD.


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