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Cuélebre reveals new video: ‘En la Niebla’

by Thiago Marques
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The Spanish Celtiberian folk band Cuélebre released a video for En la Niebla, a song from their second album, Anaman.

The video for En la Niebla (In the Fog) was taken from the “die-hard version” of the album Dijara, which comes with a DVD. It was released on February 18th.

Cuélebre was idealized in 2011 by Yhandros Huergo, who aimed to experiment different musical concepts, folk music and ancient sounds. The band strives to reclaim their roots, the historical and mythological legacy of ancient Iberia. To this end, they write the lyrics based on archaeological finds, such as steles and bronzes from different parts of ancient Hispania and Lusitania. The name of the band itself is related to a giant winged serpent-dragon of the Asturian and Cantabrian mythology. It lives in a cave, where it guards treasures and keep anjanas (fairy-like creatures) as prisioners.


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All of the objectives are achieved through the fusion of ritualistic atmospheres and ancient instruments, such as the hurdy-gurdy, bouzouki, didgeridoo and different types of flutes, accompanied by energetic percussion. Musically, they drew influences from bands like Hagalaz’ Runedance, Corvus Corax and Wardruna, while keeping their own identity.

In 2014, the band released their debut album, Oinos, through the label Art Gates Records. In the same year, they played in many festivals around Spain and Portugal. In the following year, they were already playing at many great European festivals like Trolls et Légendes (Belgium), Mediaval Festival (Germany) and Castlefest (Netherlands).

During the next few years they would go on to play in many major festivals around Europe and join other great folk bands, such as Faun in 2016, during the German band Spanish tour.

Cuélebre reveals new video: En la Niebla

Left to right: Yhandros Huergo, Victor Noriega, Judit Piñango, , Budy Arillo, Niko, and Sammy Bnayas. | Cuélebre


  • Judit Piñango (vocals, percussion)
  • Yhandros Huergo (hurdy-gurdy, backing vocals, composition)
  • Budy Arillo (whistles, flutes, choirs)
  • Niko (percussion)
  • Victor Noriega (didgeridoo, percussion, backing vocals)
  • Sammy Bnayas (bouzouki)



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