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Danheim unveils new video: ‘Hel’

Danish musician Mike Olsen is back with two new songs from his upcoming 2022 album

by Thiago Marques
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The prolific Nordic folk project Danheim revealed a lyric video for Hel and the single Hagalaz, two new songs from his upcoming album, which will be released later this year.

Named after Hel, one of the nine kingdoms of the dead in Norse mythology, ruled by the eponymous goddess of death, the new song has nothing to do with the Christian “Hell”, as explained by Mike Olsen himself:

“Hel rules the nine worlds of death, which correspond to the nine worlds of life, and she assigns to anyone who arrives a suitable abode in proportion to the good or bad qualities of the souls or deeds. Some deceased can tumble on sun-drenched meadows, while others suffer. Those who suffer are led through the gates leading to the depths of Helheim and Niflheim, where matter must be decomposed.


Hel is a realm where death represents a relaxing interlude and where souls spend an appropriate amount of time in their legitimate environment. The Eddas state that elves (human souls) sleep among the gods while celebrating with lots of mead, which is a symbol of the experiences of a previous period of life, and in this way the souls that rest after life are present in the divine spheres, even though they are unaware of their surroundings.


In the Edda‘s Vagtamskvadet for example, the legend about the sun god’s death and arrival at Hel’s home, tells us that a sumptuous apartment has been arranged, and mead is ready and freshly brewed upon his arrival.”

The illustration and animation of the video were designed by Ukranian artist Selin Serhii.


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Lyrics – Hel

Svagt vokser mit syn, skumle mørke.
Hadefulde norner, strikker min skæbnetråd.
Skæbnekamp forgæves.
Den udsultede ravn fortæller om hel, de dødes ni riger.
Hvor kan jeg hvile mig? med dem jeg husker, blandt mine egne.
Langt fra Helheim og Niflheims dybder.
Mit håb er gyldent mjød og tændte kævler,
Hvad skal jeg gøre, for at varme mine hænder?
Ni ringe jeg ofre, runer jeg rister, sange jeg synger.

Translation – Hel

My vision grows faint, eerie darkness.
Hateful Norns, knit my destiny-thread.
Battling your destiny is in vain.
The starving raven tells of Hel, the nine kingdoms of the dead.
Where can I rest? with those I remember, among my own.
Far from the depths of Helheim and Niflheim.
My hope is golden mead, and lit logs,
What should I do to warm my hands?
Nine rings I sacrifice, runes I carve, songs I sing.

The other single revealed by Olsen is Hagalaz, the reconstructed  Proto-Germanic name of the h-rune ᚺ.

Danheim unveils new video: 'Hel'

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