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Drusuna unveils new song: ‘Spirits of Ancient Trees’

by Thiago Marques
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Portuguese Ritual Pagan Folk band Drusuna released an animated music video for Spirits of Ancient Trees, a song from their upcoming album.

After taking a hiatus, so that multi-instrumentalist Sephirus Oakborn could take care of his on health, Drusuna reveals a song that will be featured on their second album, to be released in the next few months by the Dutch label Friendly Folk Records. The song features the beautiful vocals of Spanish singer Rose Avalon (Ritual Duir, ex-Cuélebre), who also wrote the lyrics.

Spirits of Ancient Trees is available in all major digital platforms.


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Drusuna was founded in 2009 in Northern Portugal (a part of ancient Gallaecia) by Sephirus and his brother Alvahagal, who is no longer in the band. Originally, their idea was to create primitive sounds using only organic ethnic musical instruments, all made from wood, stones and other natural elements. They were joined by Torano (bagpipes and whistles), in 2001, and Waili (didgeridoo) and Kluto (guitar) in 2014, thus officially becoming a band.

In 2016 they released their debut album, Kaytos Kom, a conceptual work that takes the listener through a deep journey to an era when humankind was deeply connected with nature.

Kaytos Kom | Drusuna | Friendly Folk Records

Kaytos Kom | Drusuna | Friendly Folk Records

Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (ES)

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