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Faun records new live version of ‘Ne Aludj El’

The band plays the acoustic version of the Greek/Hungarian song in preparation for their upcoming tour

by Thiago Marques
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Originally released in their 2003 album LichtNe Aludj El is one of the songs that will be featured on Faun‘s upcoming acoustic tour. In the video, you can see almost their entire lineup all set up for the mission, promising to enchant all the fans who attend the performances.

Besides the acoustic tour, the band will also embark on a regular tour starting in April.

Faun records new live version of 'Ne Aludj El'

Regular and acoustic Faun tourdates.


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Besides the upcoming shows, the band has already released four music videos from songs that will be featured in their upcoming album, Pagan, which will be released on April 22nd in several formats via their own label, Pagan Folk Records:

  • Digipack-CD;
  • Vinyl – in noble gatefold – numbered and limited to only 500 pieces worldwide;
  • Ear Book- CD including bonus tracks in a 100-page 4 color hardcover book
  • Limited Ear Book – CD including bonus tracks & 90 minutes DVD (from their online concert 2021) in a 100 pages 4c hardcover book limited to only 1500 copies worldwide.

You can pre-order Pagan directly from the band’s official web store.


Pagan | Faun | Pagan Folk Records


1. Galdra (feat. Lindy-Fay Hella)
2. Halloween
3. Gwydion (feat. Eluveitie)
4. Wainamoinen
5. Tamlin
6. Neun Welten
7. Lord Randal
8. Innisfree
9. Ran
10. Baldur
11. Caer
12. Willow Tree
13. Zeit der Raben

Bonus tracks:

14. Anagin
15. Liam (IN EXTREMO Cover)


1. Intro
2. Iduna
3. Federkleid
4. Alba
5. Walpurgisnacht
6. Nacht des Nordens
7. Diese kalte Nacht
8. König von Thule
9. Odin
10. Pearl
11. Feuer
12. Tamlin
13. Hagazussa
14. Egil Saga
15. Hymn to Pan
16. Thalia


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