Mattjö Haussy on the stage with Skáld. | Photo: Tiphaine Zanutto
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Mattjö Haussy leaves Skáld for new Nordic music project

by Thiago Marques
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Mattjö Haussy, former instrumentalist and vocalist of the French Nordic folk band, Skáld, left the group to found a new Nordic music project.

After only two years of existence of the trio that quickly gathered a legion of fans of the genre on the Internet, Skáld suffers its first setback with the departure of one of its founders.

On social media, Haussy showed gratitude to the band members and fans. He said, however, that it was time for him to embark on a new experience involving Norse myths, poetry and wisdom.

The new project will be called Hrafngrímr (“the one who wears a crow-shaped mask”) and was announced as a “neo-Nordic artistic collective”.

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The new group aims to connect the past and the present with the use of ancient and modern instruments. Its themes will bring modern and fantastical interpretations of Norse mythology and poetry. The lyrics will have original texts in Old Norse from the Edda, but also with Celtic, Slavic and Germanic references.

Mattjö Haussy will have musicians Voron and Mus as bandmates. The trio will release Hrafngrímr’s first single on March 15th. Skáld, meanwhile, has yet to announce a replacement for Haussy.


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