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Nytt Land reveals 1st single of new project

"Kurultai" is the title of the first song written for the Siberian folk project Ak Hovu

by Thiago Marques
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Ak Hovu‘s first revealed song definitely sounds groovier than the generally darker compositions Natalya and Anatoly Pahalenko create for Nytt Land.

Featuring Siberian traditional throat singing, the talharpa, percussion and mouth harp, aspects which are familiar to Nytt Land’s fans, Ak Hovu’s music brings to the table electronic elements that help to create a mystical atmosphere.

The title of the song is a reference to a political/military assembly of ancient Mongol and Turkic chiefs and khans, which was designed  for strategic planning and to assign titles and leadership roles for individuals. Genghis Khan himself was appointed Khan in one of these councils, in the Kurultai of 1206 CE.


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Some months ago, Nytt Land also released a music video for Blood of the North, a song taken from their 2021 album, Ritual.


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