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Tragoe reveals first album: ‘Origins’

The Greek folk artist shows the world his inventive blend of modern and traditional musical elements

by Thiago Marques
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Tragoe brings to life his own vision of Pagan folk music with Origins by playing exclusively Greek traditional instruments while singing in the English language. His inspirations range from new wave and synthpop artists such as Depeche Mode & Joy Division to folk heavy hitters like Wardruna, Heilung and The HU.

Apart from his musical efforts, the musician is also a talented communicator, promoting Pagan culture and other musicians with a great care for aesthetics on his social media channels.

A 10-track album, Origins features singers Stella Demertzi and Athanasia Papadimitriou on backing vocals.


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The artist creates musical narratives, where he mixes his tunes with a series of storytelling videos, in an very original way. You can see one of playlists below, as well as a music video for Baby Elon, one of the songs taken from the album.

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