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Vikings | Nordic hymns to memorable moments in the series

by Thiago Marques
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YouTube channel SMOKEY ROCKS edited scenes of the Vikings TV show accompanied by true Nordic hymns to memorable moments in the series.

The Vikings series popularized not only an interest in the history of the Viking Age, but also opened the way for talented Nordic folk bands to become widely prestigious. Despite numerous historical incongruities, the TV show gained a legion of fans through charismatic characters, an engaging plot and a beautiful photography with an aura of mystery.

It is necessary to emphasize, however, how such an atmosphere was strongly intensified by the selected soundtrack. I’m not talking about the opening song (If I had a heart) by Fever Ray (project of Karin Dreijer). Without questioning its quality, I think it lacks the “organicity”, so to speak, that Wardruna‘s songs give to the scenes in which they are featured.

It is difficult to question the Norwegian band’s merit in being selected to lend their songs, as well as composing new ones for the series. However, there are many other Nordic folk projects that would perfectly match the ambiance of the show. Some of them even had the reinforcement of Wardruna’s vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Einar Selvik.


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To prove everything that has been said, the channel SMOKEY ROCKS has been creating a series of videos exquisitely edited with scenes of Vikings and having folk songs as a soundtrack. Striking moments involving the protagonists were selected and the atmosphere transmitted by them was respected. Therefore, the final products resemble real music videos. Check them out below!


If you are not up to date with the series, I do not advise you to watch the videos nor read their descriptions!

Kaunan – Vallåt

Kaunan is the project of the trio Oliver S. Tyr (Faun), Boris Koller and Göran Hallmarken, originally from Germany, Austria and Sweden, respectively. For the song Vallåt, they had the participation of Einar Selvik, as well as Heilung‘s vocalist, Maria Franz.

The video focuses on the second major tragedy in the lives of Lagertha and Ragnar: the death of Gyda, the couple’s daughter. After Lagertha’s spontaneous abortion, Gyda was afflicted by the plague that swept Kattegat in Ragnar’s absence.

Ivar Bjørnson & Einar Selvik – Hugsjá

The duo formed by Ivar Bjørnson (Enslaved) and Einar Selvik has already met to record two collaborative albums: Hugsjá and Skuggsjá. Since then, the partnership of the two has been frequent, promoting not only the duo’s songs, but also Wardruna and Enslaved tunes.

The montage set to music by the track Hugsjá traces the descending trajectory of Ragnar Lothbrok, when the doors of Valhalla seemed closed to him. Likewise, the conflict at his heart between traditional Nordic beliefs and Christianity, personified by Athelstan, is shown.

Einar Selvik – Snake Pit Poetry

Here we have a solo composition by Einar Selvik specially designed for the historical scene shown in the video. Too bad it was not used in the sequence that is, for many, the watershed moment in the series… The death of Ragnar in the snake pit.

Ochelie Soroki – Falkon

Ochelie Soroki is a Russian band with two released albums: Istoe (2018) and Severnoe Tsartstvo (2015). Formed by Pavel Boev, Uliana Shulepina and Alexandr Bragin, the trio addresses both Nordic and Slavic themes in their music.

The sequence used for the video corresponds to the final episode of the fifth season (part 1). The power vacuum left by Ragnar culminates in the civil war between the Vikings. On the one hand, the forces of Lagertha and Bjorn. On the other, those of Ivar and King Harald.

SMOKEY ROCKS also brings a series of other videos with other great Nordic Folk bands, such as Danheim, Runahild and Nytt Land. Most videos show scenes from the Vikings series, but some of them use sequences from other productions. Make sure you check it out!

Update (Bonus): Anna Maria Jopek – Lament for Lagertha

A song much requested by our readers of one of the most dramatic moments of the series… the lament for the death of shield-maiden Lagertha, in a video produced by the channel Vikings Brasil.

Source of the featured image: Giulia Costanzo


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