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Eolya honors a fallen warrior in ‘Jarðarför’

The French multi-instrumentalist presents a single from his upcoming album

by Thiago Marques
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The French one-man Nordic Folk band Eolya revealed Jarðarför (Funerals), a new single that pays homage to a fictional warrior friend who has fallen in battle. The song will be featured on his upcoming second album.

The new song serves as a Viking ritual of passing of a cherished friend, singing about pain and reverence for the honorable no longer between us.


Eolya – Jarðarför

í morgun við hækkandi sól heiðra ég anda þinn, vinur
Megi guðirnir bjóða þig velkominn til Valhallar, hraustur kappi

Jarðarför, að eilífu í hjarta mínu

Þú skilur eftir tómarúm í lífi okkar, við heiðrum þig
Guðirnir geta verið stoltir af því að taka á móti þér, við heiðrum þig

Jarðarför, að eilífu í hjarta mínu


Eolya – Funerals

This morning at sunrise, I honor your Spirit, my Friend
May the Gods welcome you to Valhalla, brave warrior

Funerals, forever in my heart

You leave a void in our lives, we honor you
Gods can be proud to have such a man with them, we honor you

Funerals, forever in my heart

Eolya’s biography

Eolya is a Nordic Folk project created by Frenchman Guilhem Dupuy De La Grandrive that is inspired by the culture of the Nordic peoples, but that also incorporates instruments and musical influences from different parts of the world.

The band has being leaving its mark around the Internet, displaying the power of his singular vocals, as well as by collaborating with great names in the scene, such as Danheim and Heldom.

In 2022, the band released its first album, titled Hávamál, featuring 13 tracks sung in Old Norse, which Guilhem made the effort to learn how to pronounce, in order to confer authenticity to his compositions.

The artist has also recently released a beautiful music video for the song Ástin, meaning “love” in Icelandic, where he sings about the painful loss of a loved one.


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