Home News Askemåne unveils 1st album: ‘Gravitasjon’

Askemåne unveils 1st album: ‘Gravitasjon’

Hailing from Besançon, France, the band presents their debut for fans of Dark Folk music

by Thiago Marques
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Nordic/Dark Folk band Askemåne released Gravitasjon, a 13-track album inspired by Heilung, Torulf, Wardruna and Dzivia.

With a name meaning “Ash Moon” in Norwegian, the band started their activities in 2022 as a duo, finding the remaining two other members of the quartet through social media channels. The current lineup is comprised of lrendyr (bass vocals); Liv’ (soprano), Asufelt Sabem (medium vocals) and Honningkrukke (drums).

Askemåne unveils 1st album: 'Gravitasjon'
(L) to (R): Honningkrukke, Ølrendyr, Liv’ and Asufelt. | Photo: Alice Gand

Last month, the band has also released a music video for one of the songs featured in the album, Dyaul.


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