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Rúnahild & Gustav Holberg’s project releases debut album

by Thiago Marques
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Astralseid, the Electronic Folk project by Rúnahild and Gustav Holberg, released its debut album, Spirit Symbiosis.

The duo took the time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic to get into the Seidsang Studio and create music to sooth their minds, relax their bodies and strengthen their souls.

“‘Spirit Symbiosis’ takes you into ambient and dreamy landscapes, inspired by nature and its wonders, our spiritual endeavors and explorations of sound and frequencies.”


The album was created simultaneously with Rúnahild’s upcoming solo album, which will be released later this year. Different in musical style, both albums share a similarity: Spirit Symbiosis second track, Astralseid, will also be featured on Rúnahild’s next release, in a completely different version.


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Where to buy: Amazon (US) | Amazon (UK) | Amazon (ES)

Astralseid was founded in summer 2018. At the time, Rúnahild felt the urge to compose electronic music, a genre that she has grown to love. She met again with Holberg, who already had some knowledge about writing this sort of music, unlike her. The duo felt the call to create something apart from the musical genres they are associated with.

The project is the result of their interest for different styles of music, which means that they don’t feel comfortable to limit themselves to a particular style. They like to mix their influences and express their spirituality through their songs.

Astralseid was named after “Seiðr”, an ancient spiritual path of the north, where the seiðmaðr or seid-folk connect to the primal energies of the universe through trance and ecstasy.

“By song, dance and rhythm the seid-folk enters a deep transcendent state of mind, journeying through time and space, seeing the whole of the universe and manifest its energies into our world through sound. In this state of mind all things become one. Seid is a way of life, with a deep connection with nature. We are spiritual warriors fighting for peace and enlightenment, through love. We bring light to shadow and fear not the underworld.”


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The two musicians also released a video in which they do a drums and throat singing performance in the studio.

Runahild & Astralseid – drum and free song session

Here is our first video out: drums, free songs and throat singing in Seidsang studio!Our respective projects Astralseid and Runahild are both partly inspired by drum and song circles. Somehow, this is our way to invite you into one… even though we can’t meet in the physical realm at the moment.If you have a drum or would like to join with singing, feel free to use this video to do so. You’re also welcome to share your own improvisation with drum and song and post it in the comment section, if you’d like :) We’d love to hear your sound, from your corner of the world! Our drums are made by Lasse Ström. (If you happen to be looking for a skilled drum maker, he may just be your man :))

Posted by Astralseid on Sunday, May 3, 2020



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