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Vartra reveals album cover and new video: ‘Sena’

The Serbian band gives a taste of their second album, 'Basma', which will be released in April

by Thiago Marques
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Sena is the first single taken from Basma, the second studio album by Vartra, exploring the musical traditions of the Balkans.

Featuring 8 tracks, Basma draws inspiration from ancient South Slavic healing rituals present in folk traditions from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia. Such incantations are called “basma” and their special power dispel curses and evil spirits through suggestive rhythmic repetition.

With an amazing cover artwork by the band’s own dancer Andjela Vujić, the album will be released on CD on April 29th, but you can already pre-order it.


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The artists have also recorded live videos from some of the songs that will be in the new album, such as Trioka and Inanna.

Vartra reveals album cover and new video: 'Sena'

Aleksandra Stošić | Vartra


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