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Vartra unveils live video of ‘Jerovine’

by Thiago Marques
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Vartra (Ethnic Fusion/Dark Folk – Serbia) released a live video for Jerovine, a song from their upcoming album.

The band is currently working on their second album, which will focus on the lyrical heritage from Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro. The album will be released in Autumn 2021.

Vartra was founded in Belgrade, Serbia, by Siniša Gavrić and the sisters Ivana and Aleksandra Stošić, heavily inspired by the hermetic indigenous culture of the Balkans. Musically, they mix Nordic drumming, Slavic and oriental Melos as core elements, with tribal sounds from around the world. Their lyrics are mainly based on old incantations and mantras (bajalice in Serbian) and are in Serbian, Macedonian and in the Vlach language.


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Today, the band is truly a tribe, composed of dance performers and friends dedicated to crafting costumes, accessories and stage requisites for live shows.

Their drums and rattles were crafted by the main instrumentalist and vocalist Siniša Gavrić. They are made from animal skins from around the world as well as wood and foraged materials from Serbian rivers and mountains.

In January, they released their debut album, Luna Nouà.


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