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Wardruna releases the music video for ‘Grá’

by Thiago Marques
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Nordic folk band Wardruna released the music video for the song Grá, which will be featured on their next album, Kvitravn.

The track is more focused on percussive elements than usual when it comes to Wardruna. However, we have here the familiar and powerful vocals of the duo Einar Selvik and Lindy-Fay Hella, creating for the listeners the typical atmosphere of the Norwegian group.

“Grá” means “grey” and is a tribute by Wardruna to the totemic animal wolf.

“Grá (Grey) is our song to the wolf. It speaks about the ancient bond and relationship between man and wolf. It seeks to address and acknowledge the cost and responsibility of being part of, and not above nature. Once again, we were given the opportunity go to Finland and work with a beautiful and brave rescued wolf called Tihu and her caretakers. The video was directed by our friend Tuukka Koski and his fantastic team at Koski Syväri. DOP by Johan Wasicki.”



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Translation: “Grá”


Old Grey… I recall the ring before it broke…

Your song stirs something deep within
Like chords pulling straight from memory
I can’t find the words, they still remain veiled
Yet I know it is old, I know that it’s forgotten

I remember when you roamed freely
I remember when we roamed together
I remember us before our paths got separated
I remember the ring before it broke

Always wary about you, and you about me
Always wary about me, and I about you

You may run to my forests
Roam freely in my mountains
Lead your pack to my valleys
Let us restore the ring
I shall sing you safe on your way
I shall sing you safely home

 Kvitravn will be released in June 5 on vinyl and CD.


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