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Faun releases new album: ‘Pagan’

The German legends return with 15 tunes of pure Pagan folk beauty

by Thiago Marques

After two years in preparation, Faun is back with another beautiful collection of tunes in the shape of Pagan, the first album released via the band’s own label Pagan Folk Records.

The album was accompanied by the release of several music videos of songs taken from it. In some of them you can actually see the featured guest musicians in action, such as Wardruna‘s singer Lindy-Fay Hella (Galdra) and the folk metal band Eluveitie (Gwydion), as well as a living influence for the band, the anthropologist and ethnobotanist Wolf-Dieter Storl, who also appears in the Gwydion video.

Faun releases new album: 'Pagan'

Wolf-Dieter Storl

Pagan features gorgeous illustrations by Brian Froud, Gina Wetzel, Stephanie Lostimolo, Jakub Vanis, Mother of Moths & Rekuyiocorpo and was released on several formats:

  • Digipack-CD;
  • Vinyl – in noble gatefold – numbered and limited to only 500 pieces worldwide;
  • Ear Book- CD including bonus tracks in a 100-page 4 color hardcover book
  • Limited Ear Book – CD including bonus tracks & 90 minutes DVD (from their online concert 2021) in a 100 pages 4c hardcover book limited to only 1500 copies worldwide.

You can order Pagan directly from the band’s official web store. By the time of the publishing of this post, the deluxe version of the album was sold out from their shop, but you could still find it at EMP.



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The band has also recently released two music videos from songs taken from Pagan: Tamlin and Gwydion. For the latter, they have also revealed a “making of” video, which features Eluveitie and Wolf-Dieter Storl.


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