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Deloraine unveils ‘Nilfgaard’ quarantine video

by Thiago Marques
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Czech Pagan and fantasy folk band, Deloraine, released a quarantine-style video for The Witcher inspired song, Nilfgaard.

The song is about the capital of the powerful and antagonistic empire from Geralt of Rivia’s saga, Nilfgaard.

Deloraine was founded in 2017 and started playing their own versions of famous fantasy and medieval melodies. After they got acquainted with The Witcher saga, they felt the urge to create their own music inspired by it. They released their debut album, Vlaštovka (The Swallow), in April 2018, with 9 songs of their own as well as 5 covers, all inspired by the universe created by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski.


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They use many folk and classical instruments like guitars, Irish bouzouki, mandolin, violin, viola, various drums, bass, piano, as well as 5 types of classical and ethnic flutes. The main vocals are performed by the singers Máša and Spars, while all other band members sing choirs.

The band has already performed in several medieval, fantasy, pagan festivals and even in metal concerts, despite being an acoustic band. In 2019 they played their first European tour, performing in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Poland and Hungary. Deloraine has also played with some great medieval and pagan folk bands such as Faun, Percival and Corvus Corax.


  • Maria Vesna “Máša” Michailova (vocals, flutes)
  • Pavel Spars Vrabec (vocals)
  • Jakub “Kuba” Pešek (backing vocals, bass)
  • David Horák (backing vocals, drums, violin)
  • Tomáš Derias (backing vocals, strings)


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Zaklínačský playlist


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