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Aftenstorm reveals 1st music video: ‘Farvel mitt Hjem’

The Franco-Norwgian duo is joined by Itinera's Ádám Nagy for an open-air raw Nordic Folk session

by Thiago Marques
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Hungary-based band Aftenstorm released a music video for Farvel mitt Hjem. The duo formed by Norwegian singer and tagelharpa player Daniel Høstan and French drummer Lancelot Carré presents a very particular and raw version of Nordic Folk music.

Formed in early 2022, the duo became a trio when the two founders were joined by Hermina Fuske, who played the bass-tagelharpa. They performed their first live show in February 22th, 2023. Unfortunately, not long after, Hermina would leave the band, being replaced by session musician and multi-instrumentalist Ádám Nagy from Itinera, who’s also featured in the video playing the tagelharpa.

Aftenstorm has already released an EP, titled Ondt Blot, released in late 2022.


Aftenstorm – Farvel mitt Hjem

Odin sa, livet er over for deg nå, du er tapt min venn.
Eg skalv ned til min neve og vølven sa, her er dødens klem

Mmm… Farvel mitt hjem

Hella sa, velkommen til helheimen, her skal du være
Eg føler at eg er heime menn, savner pulsen i meg.

Eg savner alt som er mitt hjem.
Eg savner alt som var mitt hjem.
Eg savner vinen som rant ned men nå…
Tiden er inne min venn.

Mmm… Farvel min venn


Aftenstorm – Farewell my Home

Odin said, life is over for you now, you are lost my friend.
I shivered to my knuckles and the vølva said that here is deaths hug.

Mmm… Farewell my home

Hela said, welcome to helheim, here is where you will be.
I feel home but I miss the pulse in me.

I miss everything that was my home
I miss everything that is my home
I miss the wine that ran down here but.
The time is here my friend

Mmm… Farewell my friend

Aftenstorm reveals 1st music video: 'Farvel mitt Hjem'
Lancelot Carré and Daniel Høstan. | Aftenstorm | Photo: Ricardo André

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