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Gealdýr covers ‘Völuspá’ by Wardruna

by Thiago Marques
Published: Updated: 0 comment 3 minutes read

The Dutch Nordic Folk one-man band Gealdýr released a cover version of Völuspá, one of the most iconic songs by Wardruna.

Völuspá is based on one of the most famous poems of the Poetic Edda, concerning the myths about the creation of the world (Ginnungagap) and its ending (Ragnarök). Contrarily to a linear view of time and life, though, these myths refer to the beginning and the end of a cycle and not of life itself, as something has to die for something else to live.

The song was written by Einar Selvik and was originally featured on History’s Vikings TV series. It is also on the latest Wardruna album, Skald.


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